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Sean Oliver returned to Monday Night Mayhem to talk Sabu, ECW, and all things Kayfabe

Check out the interview clip here!
March 21, 2011
Pro Wrestling Roundup knows a good thing when they see it!  Here's their take on Timeline ECW
- 1997 As told by Sabu

"This is the first time I have seen Sabu be so open on camera, and there are many stories I had
never heard.  At one point in the interview, I was in total shock to see a hardcore icon like Sabu
break into tears when discussing what he did to help ECW and the treatment he received
regardless.  If you were a huge follower of ECW in 1997, this is an awesome perspective from a
main eventer in that period, and someone who is more involved than we ever knew...until now."

Check out the full review here!
March 23, 2011
PW Torch weighs in on the premiere of Timeline: History of ECW:

"One of the better wrestling-related DVDs I’ve seen in a long time is Timeline: The History of ECW
1997 as Told by Sabu. Kayfabe Commentaries has released a number of Timeline themed
releases in the past marching through the history of WWE, but they overhauled everything and
perfected the concept with this release...
It’s going to be hard for any other wrestling DVD to be
better than this in 2011."

Check out the full review here!
April 11, 2011
The Wrestling Observer/Figure 4 Weekly calls Timeline: The History of WWE - 1985 As Told by
Greg Valentine
"well produced and thoroughly researched and highly entertaining"...

Read the insightful review by Joe Babinsack HERE...
May 23, 2011
In celebration of HTM's new YouShoot, our very own Sean Oliver will be on HTM's Shake, Rattle,
and Roll
radio show for the next weeks, asking Honky his own YouShoot type questions.  
Remember Honky...answer them all!

Check out HTM's show HERE...
June 20, 2011
Honky's return to the series would certainly turn heads,
but it's tough to do a sequel of something as
successful as
YouShoot: Honky Tonk Man. But the
reviews are coming in like we'd hoped, and we
another "Elite Award" from 411mania!:

"What a fun YouShoot! The 140 minutes just flies right
by. Between the good stories and his overall funny
demeanor, this rates as one of the better editions of the

Check out the full length review here!
June 26, 2011
Man, our virtual shelf is getting crowded with 411mania Elite Awards!  This time we
snagged a
perfect 10 rating and a glowing review to boot:

"Timeline: 1997 is interesting, informative, and entertaining. In short, it's everything
you'd expect from the pairing of Kayfabe Commentaries and Jim Cornette."

Check out the full length review here!
August 31, 2011
Sean Oliver joined the guys on In Your Head for an awesome nearly-two
hour interview.  Thanks for all your phone calls, emails and questions for
Sean as the guys had a blast talking about Cornette, today's wrestling, the
Dixie Carter YouShoot LIVE, and more!

You can listen to the uncensored interview here.
August 31, 2011
The second installment of our Timeline: The History of ECW series has been getting great
press all around, like this piece from
Bleacher Report.  In a market crowded with wrestling
programming, make sure you're getting top quality shoots!

"Sean Oliver and his crew have done it again. This is another tremendous piece of wrestling
history. The stories from 1994 really couldn’t have been told by anyone other than Shane
Douglas, a man who was right there at the forefront of the events as they took place."

Check out the full length review here!
November 6, 2011
Our own Sean Oliver joins the guys at Total Wrestling Show of the U.K. for some intriguing
conversation on KC projects, CM Punk, and all things wrestling.  Check it out.

You can listen to the full interview here.
August 21, 2011
Sean Oliver is headed back on to In Your Head Radio this Wednesday,
November 23 to join Jack and Incher and all of you!  Call in with your
questions or post them on their board.

You can check out the show's website here.
November 21, 2011
We may be losing count on how many 411mania Elite Awards we get! This time our
new Investigative Special
Being A Horseman gets a 9.0 from them!

"Just when you think KC can't possibly top themselves, they do. This is an original
concept with the perfect guest, and the production is up to KC's usual high standards."

Check out the full length review here!
February 28, 2012
March 15, 2012
KC Prexy Sean Oliver hit the press tour hard this month for the release of
Being A Horseman as well as the blockbuster announcement of YouShoot
LIVE!!! with Vince Russo.  
Here are some fun radio appearances:

In Your Head Radio - 2/29/12
Wild Talk Radio - 3/6/12
Total Wrestling Show UK - 3/10/12
A "10.0" from 411mania yields us yet another "Elite Award."  This makes us wonder if
there's ever a
411mania Hall of Fame, are we a shoo-in?  This time it's Guest
booker: Yesterday and Today
that gets the love.

"KC absolutely knocked one out of the park this time! This could have easily been a
train wreck with two distinctly different personalities and perspectives and Gabe and
Kevin wind up meshing together very well. The result is some great discussion and
some very interesting and logical, booking ideas."

Check out the full length review here!
April 25, 2012
June 25, 2012
Sean Radican of PW Torch thinks Breaking Kayfabe just may be the best series yet.  Torch VIP
subscribers can also hear a recent interview with Sean Oliver at their site.  As for the review,
here's some of what Radican wrote:

"Breaking Kayfabe with Sean Waltman succeeds on a level that I haven’t seen before from a
shoot interview in terms of the person conducting the interview explores the personal life of the
subject and gets the answers people want on difficult topics....The debut edition of “Breaking
Kayfabe” can only be considered a must-buy release."

Check out the full length review here!
July 5, 2012
Every week, Inside the Ropes radio show comes your way from over
the pond in Scotland.  This week our own Sean Oliver joined the boys
ITR,  and they all had some fun.  (Sean is a scotch drinker, if
anyone is looking for a gift.)

Listen to the 1+ hour segment here!
September 6, 2013
PW Torch LiveCast comes to your ears, courtesy of host Sean Radican and guest our own Sean
Oliver. Sean discusses the new
Timeline: The History of WCW - 2000 - As told by Vince Russo,
as well burying the hatchet with Jim Cornette and the announcement of two new KC produced
Cornette projects.

Check out the full interview here!