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December 26, 2012
KC OnDemand Releases to Appear on Roku!
Kayfabe Commentaries is excited to announce that our KC OnDemand
programming will be available on the Roku TV system beginning early
January.  KC shows will be available for purchase via our distributor World
Wrestling Network, and appear on the WWN Live Channel on Roku.  Now
you'll be able to get the same high quality streaming of our innovative and
production-rich programs on your big flatscreen, as well as online.  Here's
a FAQ to answer all your Qs:

I am an existing WWN Live member and have been streaming your
awesome KC shows on my computer. I have a Roku box as well. What
do I have to do to watch on my TV?
Nada!  When the WWN Channel goes live in early January, just select it.  
We'll be there.

Will all the previous KC OnDemand shows I purchased be there on my
Roku now?
Yes. Your membership to WWN Live and all your purchased programming
is mirrored on Roku as well as the WWN Live website.  When you select
the WWN Live channel on your Roku, you will see your existing queue.

I like watching on my computer. Will I still be able to go to
and get all of your new programming?
Yes. Roku is simply a viewing option for fans.  It won't affect your online
preference.  (You mean you
really don't want to watch on your huge,
flatscreen TV?  You probably have a MySpace account.)

I don’t have a computer. Can I watch Roku?
Yes, all you need is a wireless (WiFi) signal and a TV.

I never had an online WWN Live account, but I want to watch this on
Roku.  Can I sign up now?
Yes. You can activate your free membership to WWN Live on Roku.

Okay, just what the hell is this Roku?
Simply put, it is the TV revolution.  Once upon a time, watching TV meant
watching ONLY what the big networks and cable channels decided you
could watch, and when you’d watch it.

Roku has stormed the palace and set it afire! Now, millions of people use
Roku to choose what they want to watch instantly. Whether you’re into
exploring over 600 channels and hundreds of thousands of movies and
shows, delving into what really interests you, or just stumbling across
something new, Roku makes it happen easily, instantly and affordably.

Is there a monthly fee for having a Roku box?
Nope.  Some channels, like our OnDemand channel, may have fees
associated with the programming.  But there is no fee to have the box and
access to hundreds of thousands of shows.

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March 25, 2013
ROKU Coming Soon, New Timelines Here
We haven't forgotten you ROKU owners! KC programming is coming to ROKU via
the WWN Channel very soon. They're in the final stage of testing and you should
start seeing the promos popping up on your ROKU soon.

We've recently released two new editions of the
Timeline franchises.  Firstly, head
back to 1988 in WCW with JJ Dillon as your guide in
Timeline: The History of
WCW - 1988 - As told by JJ Dillon. Turner was about to seal the deal with the
Crocketts and JJ would soon be gone himself.

Also, Brutus Beefcake takes you inside the bizarre Barber gimmick and the more
bizarre WWE in 1989 in the new
Timeline: The History of WWE - 1989 - As told by
Brutus Beefcake. Hogan's best bud gives you a look inside the 'Fed from exactly
that perspective as the writing is on the wall that Savage or Warrior would be
bumping Hogan out. Fill those gaps on your
Timeline shelf!
August 6, 2013
KC Merch on the Way
This holiday season we will be releasing what could be our biggest
program to date, in
Timeline: The History of WWE - The 60s - As told
by Bruno Sammartino
. With that release we will be offering a
Signature Edition which gives you the opportunity to have a piece of
collectible art, signed by Bruno himself. We have several pricing tiers
so there will be something for the fan, the collector, and also the

In addition, we're putting together a KC Merch store where you'll be
able to adorn your body, iPhone, coffee, gym gear and more with our
multiple brands and programs.  Bruno comes your way in November
and the KC Merch store should be open in September!
Artist Enyou and Bruno Sammartino
September 6, 2013
Cornette and KC ... Perfect Together
After a hiatus, Jim Cornette and KC have come together and agreed to produce 2 projects for release in 2014 and
2015 respectively.  Cornette's appearances on KC shows
Timeline WWE, YouShoot, and Guest Booker have
universally been lauded as some of the best shoot-style programming by critics and fans alike. Cornette released
the following statement: "I've enjoyed working with Kayfabe Commentaries in the past on several
critically-acclaimed productions," Cornette began.
"I'm pleased to announce that Sean Oliver and I, after a rough
patch last year, have removed the wedge between us driven there by an unnamed third party, and I have signed
on to shoot two more videos with KC this fall. They (the programs) are shaping up, in concept, to be the most
interesting yet, and they'll be produced in conjunction with my appearance at the Legends of the Ring convention
in New Jersey on October 5th, which will be my second and last wrestling-related appearance of 2013."
October 31, 2013
KC Merchandise Store Now Open
We've got some cool stuff waiting for you in the KC Store.  Whether
it's a T-shirt, travel mug for your morning joe, flask for your nightcap,
or panties for your chick, we've got great KC branded stuff.  All of our
shows are represented on the items we have, and we'll be adding to
it.  Head over and take a look at the store!

Click here to check it out!
November 30, 2013
History in the Making
After heading into the Hall of Fame and becoming part of the WWE Legends
universe, Bruno Sammartino and KC, with the blessing of WWE, allowed for
one more non-WWE edition of the celebrated
Timeline: The
History of WWE
series. Bruno takes us to the start of the company and the
series, in this important volume of the show, as he covers 1963-1969. Learn
the power players and hear the power plays as the first seven years is told by
the only man who can.

As part of this amazing release, we are offering a
Signature Edition and Hall
of Fame edition of the disc like no other! Bruno has signed a very limited
amount of custom artwork that we have commissioned for this event only!
The collectibility of these items is off the carts. Get a piece of Bruno in his
H.O.F. year!

Click here to check it all out!
WWE, WCW, and ECW are trademarks of WWE.
April 22, 2014
The Hot Scot in 84
Hot Rod comes to the Timeline: History of WWE series with this unforgettable edition of the series. Join Roddy as he
takes us through Lauper, Andre, Vince, Ace, Snuka, and lays the foundation for the first Wrestlemania.
May 27, 2014
Upcoming Timeline Productions Announced
We are excited about adding two great legends to our
Timeline: The History of WWE series. In just a couple of
weeks we will be bringing Bret Hart's edition of
before the KC cameras, as he covers 1992 for the series.
Also recently signed is Rick Martel covering 1981 as he
and partner Tony Garea worked atop the WWE's tag team
division. Get ready to fill in these two gaps on your shelf!
July 31, 2014
Bret, Cornette, and Things to Come!
We have been working overtime with our production slate so we figured we'd let you in on some of it. Today marks the
release of one of the most anticipated editions of
Timeline ever...Bret Hart!  Bret lets you inside the year that made him.
This is truly a must-own for the series. We have a couple of
YouShoots coming your way with Monster BC already in the
can, and Teddy Long heading before the cameras soon. And don't forget about out
YouShoot iPPV with Matt Sydal. Get
ready to ask Matt your questions LIVE!

We have a ton of production on the way, including a brand new series!  We are working closely with none other than Mr
James E Cornette in producing this brand new, totally original series and we're all so excited about it. More details to
come soon, but trust us when we say this is the Jim Cornette you've been waiting for!  Aside from that, we've signed
Brian Meyers who worked on WWE TV as Curt Hawkins to cover 2008 for the
Timeline: The History of WWE series.  New
Jack has recently filmed his edition of
Timeline: The History of ECW with us as well.

On the tech front...our OnDemand partners World Wrestling Network have done a major overhaul to their system, and
you should have state of the art streaming for all of our titles now, in HD.  And we're just a couple of weeks away from
Roku, at last!