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February 17, 2015
Another Trip Back in Time
Our newest series Back to the Territories has returned with a massive edition,
starring JJ Dillon and hosted by Jim Cornette. You may have heard the
scuttlebut over the past few weeks and it's all true. We have licensed Jim
Cornette's lost Mid Atlantic footage that he
literally salvaged from being tossed
in the dumpster when the Crocketts sold the territory. We've included over an
hour of the footage in this edition of the docu-shoot series.

JJ Dillon is the perfect guest for this journey as he worked for both Crockett
regimes, and also worked as talent and office. His unique dual perspective on
the Mid Atlantic territory, coupled with Cornette's undying research and
collection of memorabilia, make this nearly three and a half hour retrospective
a must-own. This one will be a classic!