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March 14, 2017
What's In Production......
We figured we can finally use this space for something cool.  Our
updates have been ... um .... lackluster to say the least. So now we
will use this update space to tell you what we are shooting, writing,
and what's been greenlit for production.

Kindly understand that everything that's greenlight doesn't always
make it to camera. And the things that are shot are sometimes
delayed. Okay with that understanding...let's see what's cooking!
New stuff...

Lots of production news this week so let's get down to it...

A new YouShoot has been signed.  2 Cold Scorpio will finally get his shot in the hotseat. Scorp has been mentioned
on so many editions of the show it's about time he take the YouShoot oath himself. The submission period for
questions just opened.

We are very close to locking down two editions of Back to the Territories w Jim Cornette for production this summer.
It looks like we have verbal commitment from
Abdullah the Butcher to cover Detroit on Corny's show. This should be a
classic and the contract is going out next week.

In addition to that one, Sean has been talking with
Bruce Prichard for a return to KC with a two-show deal, one of
which will be covering Paul Boesch's Houston territory on Corny's show. The plan is currently to also have Bruce cover
1990 for the
Timeline: The History of WWE series, as he was prominent as both talent and creative that year.

Older buzz...

It's gonna be time to welcome back a KC alumnus as we have booked The Honky Man to cover the WWE's  
Summerslam 1988 for our new series
Supercard. This is slated to go before cameras in April. Anyone who has
watched our programming with HTM knows they will get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from him
when we do our intensive, in-depth exploration of SS88, Warrior, and all things in between!

Supercard may get still another shot in the arm as Sean and Kevin Nash are talking about a summer project. We
will let you know!

We have booked
Hacksaw Jim Duggan to cover the Royal Rumble 1988 for our new series Supercard, set to shoot in
April. We also have offers out to someone we really want to work with for
Supercard, and it would be his first KC project!
Waiting to hear back..

We are excited to announce that
Jim Cornette will be covering 1990 for the Timeline: The History of WCW series later
this year. His 1989 edition was so amazing and Corny has all the paperwork for '90 as well, so get ready for more
zaniness from inside the world's most dysfunctional wrestling federation, told as only Corny could!

We are also pretty close to locking down a talent for
Timeline: The History of WWE - 1990, and as soon as Sean and
he flesh out the important detail$, we will let you know.

To celebrate our 10th year we have posted some excerpts from our booklet which was included in the
KC Commentary
wherein we detail our start in the business and the creation of our first products...the KC commentary tracks!
Check em out HERE!

Well that's what's going on right now. Check you next time and stay tuned!!!!