KC OnDemand Now on Roku!
Kayfabe Commentaries is excited to announce that our KC OnDemand
programming is now available for viewing on your Roku device, via the  
World Wrestling Network Channel. Now you'll be able to watch our
innovative and production-rich programs on your big flatscreen, as well as
online.  Here's a FAQ to answer all your Qs:

I am an existing WWN Live member and have been streaming your
awesome KC shows on my computer. I have a Roku box as well. What
do I have to do to watch on my TV?
Just select the World Wrestling Network Channel on your Roku. When you
select a program to watch for the first time, you will be given a code. From
a computer, smartphone or web enabled device, log into your WWNlive.
com account on the WWN website. Select "ROKU" from the top menu bar.
There you will enter the code that Roku gave you and BAM...your accounts
are linked. Anything you purchase and watch online you can now watch on
TV as well with Roku!

Will all the previous KC OnDemand shows I purchased be there on my
Roku now?
Yes. Your membership to WWN Live and all your purchased programming
is linked on Roku as well as the WWN Live website.  

I like watching on my computer. Will I still be able to go to wwnlive.com
and get all of your new programming?
Yes. Roku is simply a viewing option for fans.  It won't affect your online
preference.  (You mean you
really don't want to watch on your huge,
flatscreen TV?  You probably have a MySpace account.)

I never had an online WWN Live account, but I want to watch this on
Roku.  Can I sign up now?
Yes. Head to wwnlive.com and register.

Okay, just what the hell is this Roku?
Simply put, it is the TV revolution.  Once upon a time, watching TV meant
watching ONLY what the big networks and cable channels decided you
could watch, and when you’d watch it.

Roku has stormed the palace and set it afire! Now, millions of people use
Roku to choose what they want to watch instantly. Whether you’re into
exploring over 600 channels and hundreds of thousands of movies and
shows, delving into what really interests you, or just stumbling across
something new, Roku makes it happen easily, instantly and affordably.

Is there a monthly fee for having a Roku box?
Nope.  Some channels, like our OnDemand channel, may have fees
associated with the programming.  But there is no fee to have the box and
access to hundreds of thousands of shows.

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