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If you were Vince McMahon, whose version of The WCW Invasion would you have used?
Jim Cornette's
Vince Russo's
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So here you are, in charge of the vast WWE empire.  You just got a call from the attorneys
that the WCW purchase is complete and you can start using the talent.  Now it's time to
book it!  And knowing how important this angle solicit a proposal from two prominent
bookers.  They won't agree to be in the same building, so their ideas are sent to you in the
form of DVD or OnDemand.
This is an important decision, make sure you hear both of these guys out!  Fortunately there
are 2 ways you can get their proposals.  Of course, you can order the ol' reliable DVDs, but
the tech guys here at the Tower have linked you to the KC OnDemand service, you can order
them and watch them
right now!
Hey, you're old school...that's cool.  Click
the icons below and order the DVD, it'll be
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With just a couple of clicks you can
be watching the bookers in a matter
Once you've heard them both, cast your vote below!