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The Signature Edition package contains the DVD of Bruno's Timeline: The History of WWE - The
, as well as this beautiful reproduction of Enyou's (about the artist) portrait of Bruno, which
KC commissioned for
this event only!  Each one is autographed by Bruno and signed and
numbered by the artist. Bruno was presented the original and these high-quality lithographs are
printed on thick paper to last forever. Bruno has signed each one in the upper left quadrant, in
the green.

To ensure maximum protection for your investment, each print is sealed with a Kayfabe
Commentaries hologram sticker. There are only 88 of these available and what better a time to
have the greatest wrestler of all time sign your limited edition print than in his Hall of Fame year?!
Signature Edition
Signature Edition $99 ... (DVD and signed print)
For the hardcore sports collector, the Signature Edition may not be enough. Well for you we have
arranged for a premium collector's item...the
Hall of Fame Edition. Artist Enyou (about the artist)
has taken your copy of the print and embellished it with a unique design, meaning each of these is
a unique piece of art. And to further add to the rarity of each...Bruno has
autographed each and
inscribed a unique item
on each one of these!

Each one of the pieces is also protected by KC's security hologram as well, and the collectibility of
each of these is through the roof as there are only 12,
each is a 1/1, since each inscription and
painting is unique!
See each below...and select the inscription you'd like on your wall, written by the
greatest wrestler to ever live!
Hall of Fame Edition $999 ... (DVD and artist
embellished print, with unique inscription by Bruno)
"The Living
"H.O.F. 2013"
"Il Sansone
"187 MSG
"4040 Days"
"Abruzzi Italy"
Champ 63-71,
"Bruno Leopoldo
First Title"
"The Italian
"From 84 lb
weakling to
275 lb powerhouse"
Below Bruno's autograph he has written the
following inscriptions, each on a unique piece...
Limited to 88!