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This is the uncensored, unapologetic,
unwavering series that is credited with
revolutionizing the shoot-style interview.  
Each episode, with one of wrestling's most
provocative figures in the hotseat, is
conducted by YOU, the public.
Year by year, superstar by superstar, the
entire history of the world's biggest wrestling
federation will be told in the superstars' own
words.  This ain't the story being worked
from the inside...this is the REAL story of the
WWE's history.
The stars of the sport sit down at the
Ringside table and watch their most historic
matches play out before them on the
monitor.  We are transported back in time to
those great battles and feuds as the stars
recount all the details for us!
Some topics and stars need their own show  
to be properly probed by us at KC.  We dig
through the details and seek to draw back
the curtain on wrestling's most interesting
topics in our detail-oriented Investigative
Comedy shines its spotlight on pro wrestling
in our live event, Ring Roasts!  Wrestlers and
comedians alike get together at this
hilarious and unpredictable banquet to
perform the roast tradition done by so many
entertainment figures.
Take a great wrestling feud, sit the two
participants down and have them dig
through the details.  One catch...they're
interviewed separately and asked the same
questions to see how they each remember
the feud, followed by a reunion!
This is a study of wrestling's creative minds,
and their creative process.  Pro wrestling's
bookers are the guests and we dissect
wrestling history, and then try and re-write it
with Guest Booker's patented booking
The spin-off of Timeline: The History of WWE
is here at last.  This series covers all the
noteworthy events from short but red-hot run
of the company from South Philly.  Come to
the locker rooms, the rings, and the hotel
rooms...of ECW!
For years the shoot interview has delved into
the careers of wrestling's biggest stars.  Well
now, for the first time, an interview show that
goes beyond the characters and explores
people behind them.  If you thought the
scars on their skin we deep, it's nothing
compared to those below the surface.
It's as hilarious as it is informative!  You
voted on the topics, and the wrestlers help
us count them down!  Hear what the stars of
the business have to say about your choices.
This show that is like no other countdown
show you've seen!
Jim Crockett Promotions spun-off into the
WCW in the 80s, and now the
series is spinning off to cover the WCW's
history.  We'll track the whole story from the
Crockett days, to the transition to WCW, the
Monday Night wars, Time Warner and more!  
Told by the stars that were
Join the always entertaining Jim Cornette as
he hosts this series that explores all of the
classic wrestling territories! Jim sits with a
guest in each edition and they dissect the
history, the players, and the flavor of a
wrestling territory of the past.
Hardcore superstar Raven swoops down
onto the indie wrestling scene to scope out
talent in need of a makeover. You'll watch the
entire process as Raven reworks the
workers' promos, outfits, ring work, and all
the subtle traits that Raven is so known for.
They weren't gonna stay silent forever! Join
zany host Leva Bates as she profiles the
most dynamic lady wrestlers in the business
today. Part interview, part matches, this is
where the women shoot!
The superstars of tomorrow are here to sit
with booker Gabe Sapolsky for a career
retrospective. Watch their benchmark
matches with them and Gabe as you'll hear
all the inside dish about the characters,
matches, angles and decisions.
There's no argument that the most hotly
debated period and most controversial era in
the sport was WWE's Attitude era. Now you
get a chance to sit down with its head writer
Vince Russo and explore the era with his
special guests--the talent he wrote for!